Locations of Every Crystal Core in Genshin Impact.



The primary method for obtaining Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact is via collecting the many Crystalflies that may be found across Teyvat’s various zones. Where, though, are the Crystalflies and corresponding Crystal Cores in the game? Here is where to locate each variety of Crystalfly in Genshin Impact as well as a farming strategy that will help you quickly gather a large number of them, in order to assist you in obtaining as many Crystal Cores as you can.

Locations of every Anemo Crystalfly

Anemo Crystalflies may be found all around the Mondstadt region. Particularly, Dawn Winery and the surroundings around it are where you may locate the greatest number of them. Thanks to the game’s official interactive map, you can see where each Anemo Crystalfly is located in Genshin Impact below:


Every Geo Crystalfly location

The Geo version can only be found in the Liyue area, much like Anemo Crystalflies can only be found in Mondstadt. As you can see below, courtesy of the official interactive map of Genshin Impact, the greatest number of them can be located near the Chasm and on Guyun Stone Forest:


They are also abundant on the Chasm’s subterranean section, particularly in the region around The Seprtent’s Cave.

Locations of Cryo Crystalfly

Currently, Cryo Crystalflies are only found in Dragonspine, with the greatest concentration being in the Emtombed City – Outskirts region. Using the interactive map provided by the game’s official website, you can see where every Cryo Crystalfly that is presently playable in Genshin Impact is located below:


Locations for Electro Crystalfly

Both Narukami and Seirai Islands have Electro Crystalflies, however Seirai Island has a particularly high number of them because of the Thunderbird.


The following locations in Enkanomiya are where you may discover the Crystalflies according to the game’s official interactive map:


Locations of every Dendro Crystalfly

The Sumeru-only Dendro kind of Crystalflies is the most prevalent in the game, and the highest concentrations of them are found in the Vanarana region of the map and the area surrounding Aaru Village.


Locations of Every Crystal Core in Genshin Impact: Where to Farm Crystal Cores

We strongly advise you to go to Guyun Stone Forest, and more especially, to the Domain of Guyun, if you want to quickly obtain large quantities of Crystal Cores. When you arrive, simply make your way to the region with the domain’s top and descend while engaging with all the Crystalflies along the way. There will often be 6 to 8 Crystalflies in the region every spawn, all of which may be captured in under a minute.

Currently, Genshin Impact is playable on PCs, PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles, as well as mobile platforms.

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