Marvel Spider-Man 2 will debut in the fall of 2023, according to Insomniac.

According to Insomniac and Sony, the much anticipated superhero game will launch for the PS5 between September and November.


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s release date has been the subject of several inquiries in recent days and weeks. The launch window has been shortened from the initially stated 2023 release date, but Sony and Insomniac don’t yet appear ready to make any other game-related announcements.

According to a PlayStation Blog article that gives a quick preview of the key forthcoming PlayStation releases for software, hardware, and accessories, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be published at some point in Fall 2023, which would be between September and November. Sony and Insomniac contributed this information.

There have been several indications recently that confirm this. The game’s Fall release date was disclosed on one of its writers’ personal sites. Prior to that, employees of Insomniac looked to be hinting to upcoming announcements, and the game was momentarily available for wishlisting on the UK PlayStation Store (before being swiftly removed).

Earlier this year, Insomniac said that the game’s production was proceeding as planned and that the hoped-for 2023 release date was still on track. The release date of the game and the length of time till we see more of it are both uncertain at this time.

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