Players of Overwatch 2 now have a new method for redeeming their Overwatch Coins.


Players of Overwatch 2 now have another choice if they want to add extra Overwatch Coins to their virtual wallets to use for skins and other items without using real money. Blizzard announced this week that Overwatch 2 will now accept Microsoft Rewards points in exchange for Overwatch Coins. Due to the fact that these Microsoft Rewards don’t require actual cash payment, you could be able to get these Overwatch Coins for free.

It’s not too hard to understand if you’ve never used Microsoft Rewards before. Here is where you may sign up for the programme. By accomplishing everyday chores such as utilising Bing to conduct searches, passing tests, and carrying out other actions connected to Microsoft services, you may earn points. It is comparable to websites that pay you to complete surveys in that regard, but this one is trustworthy and allows you to earn points simply by conducting Bing searches, making it a more passive pastime.

Having said that, you may exchange your points for Overwatch Coins whenever you’ve begun to accumulate them or have any available for use. There are now three ways to do this on the Microsoft Rewards website: For 1,800 Microsoft Rewards points, you may purchase 200, 500, and 1,000 Overwatch Coins, respectively.

Given how pricey certain Overwatch 2 cosmetics can be, it’s not a fantastic ratio, but if you see this as a means to supplement your budget rather than serve as its only source, it’s not at all a bad value. The 200 Coins offer is described on the Overwatch 2 promotion page as a “special rate” that is only available for a “short duration,” so don’t count on it lasting long.

According to a similar announcement made by Microsoft Rewards back in May, League of Legends players will be able to buy Riot Points using Microsoft Rewards points.

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