Gamers argue about whether service had a better year: Xbox Game Pass or PS Plus.

Xbox Game Pass or PS Plus. 


The console wars are over; the battles of subscription services are here to stay. On the eve of the year’s halfway point, players are comparing the PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass selections to see which group comes out on top.

Though if you enjoy your older games, you might have been disappointed with December’s PS Plus selection. On the Essential tier, we received the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Divine Knockout, and Biomutant; on the Extra and Premium tiers, we received Yakuza: Like a Dragon, a couple Far Cry games, and both Middle-earth: Shadow games, among other things.

Conversely, Xbox Game Pass subscribers received Hot Wheels Unleashed Game of the Year Edition, Metal Hellsinger, Chained Echoes, Potion Craft, High on Life (which made a big impression), and Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Even without include the other games in the library like Powerwash Simulator, Pentiment, A Plague Tale: Requiem, and others, I can recognise a couple of GAMINGbible’s favourite titles from this year on that list.

PlayStation Plus Essential costs £6.99 per month compared to Xbox Game Pass’s initial price of £7.99. Really not much going on between them. The focus now goes to the games available and what else you receive for your money, and the criticism is intense.

With regard to the PS Plus games till 2023, Reddit member sherbodude commented, “I love my Xbox but this makes the Games with Gold look sooo terrible.” ShaneTVZ continued, “22 was insane for plus games, looking forward to seeing what the new year brings.”

When you switch to Twitter, the conversation gets a little livelier. Even I, a PlayStation owner, can attest that the Xbox Game Pass is far superior to the PlayStation’s pricey, restricted game pass, according to @HFaithTheLightH. @nv boredomXXIV concurred, asking, “Why do we constantly debating about which [platform] is better? As a multiplatform player, game pass offers me access to a LOT of games on the PC, but the PS5 gives me additional titles I don’t have. There must be something to keep us busy between now and the new year.

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