How to repair the Overwatch 2 problem “Stuck on Applying Update”



A number of issues might arise when you try to launch Overwatch 2 and keep you from enjoying the game. The situation where you’re stopped on the Applying Update page and it doesn’t appear to be moving forward is one that many gamers encounter frequently. This will typically keep you stuck on the log-in page and prevent you from moving on. What you need to know about Overwatch 2’s Stuck on Applying Update problem is provided below.

Tips for fixing the Overwatch 2 problem “Stuck on Applying Update”

We advise exiting the Overwatch 2 programme, refreshing your launcher, and checking for updates if you’re still frozen on the screen. You may need to accept the update for it to manually go through on your side if it hasn’t already. If everything appears to be in order, restarting the launcher can also be a good idea to force the update through on your end.

This seems to be the answer for many Overwatch 2 gamers. The next method is to restart your computer and double-check your internet while your hardware loads up if, however, you keep getting this issue and are unable to access the game. Your internet connection is necessary for the Overwatch 2 update to complete, which may also be the problem.

You might need to go one step further and try to Scar and Repair your copy of the game when the launcher refreshes by clicking on the little settings cog next to the Overwatch 2 “Play” button. It’s possible that the most recent update overlooked a file, which can be keeping you from playing with your pals. We advise getting in touch with Overwatch 2 Blizzard support if you keep running across these problems.

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