For only $7, get 10 different Steam games.

Even the possibility to win $1,000 worth of Steam keys is available.



The first few weeks of the year are sometimes slow for new video game releases, but Fanatical’s Mystery Star Bundle of affordable PC titles can bring some excitement to your Steam collection. Starting at just $1 for one mystery key, the offer goes up to $10 for ten keys.


The pool of potential pulls is described in the bundle’s description as include both “the freshest and greatest titles everyone’s talking about” and “old-school classics from esteeming companies,” but this does not reduce the number of available keys



The good news is that every key in your package will open a different title. Although it is stated in the small print that duplicate keys may be obtained if you purchase several Mystery Star bundles, there are no duplicate keys included in a single pack. With every bundle you purchase, you also receive a voucher good for 5% off of other games and bundles in the Fanatical shop.


The potential that one of your keys may be a “rare shooting star” reward for $1,000 worth of Steam keys, including keys for forthcoming titles like Street Fighter 6, the Resident Evil 4 remake, and more, makes the surprise Steam keys even more thrilling. Only five shooting stars are visible. Although the chances are remote, anything is conceivable.

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