Information on how to download GTA 5 on a laptop, as well as details on the programme requirements and file sizes.

You may use these directions to download GTA 5 to a computer, laptop, video game console, or mobile device. For usage on a computer, a laptop, a console, or even to stream on a phone, GTA 5 may be downloaded. Rockstar Games’ GTA 5 thoroughly immerses players in the perilous and action-packed stories of Franklin … Read more

The largest Final Fantasy spin-off retail launch in years is Crisis Core: FFVII Reunion.

  Crisis Core: In Japan, the non-mainline Final Fantasy spin-off game FFVII Reunion earned the greatest retail launch sales. On December 13, 2022, it went on sale and 156,530 copies were sold. It still falls short of the debut of Final Fantasy Explorers, which initially released in December 2014 and sold 163,844 copies. Crisis Core: … Read more

Keep the Tracer Overwatch 2 damage bug in the game since she would still be vulnerable without it.

Although Blizzard recognised the issue, they said that Tracer appears to be on par with other characters despite it. It’s uncommon for a video game flaw to really improve the experience, but Tracer in Overwatch 2 and in general looks to be the exception. Tracer Overwatch appears to have a glitch where her damage does … Read more